The Company - A Proud History of Innovation

In 1996, Peter Chan, proprietor of PM Timber began importing timber flooring. Then in 1998, he commenced a franchise with a major carpet retailing group.

In 2002, he launched PM Timber in Smithfield, N.S.W. With a rare grant from the Australian Federal Government, PM Timber pioneered 19mm pre-finished timber flooring, ReadyLay®, in Australia. PM Timber’s ReadyLay® timber flooring product became an icon in the solid timber market. PM Timber and ReadyLay® were quickly recognised as the best quality and name on the market. Although there are a lot of imported timber flooring products in the market, many of these are lookalike Australian timbers or are stained to look like Australian species. We take pride in the fact that all of our timbers are 100% Australian species.

In 2009, the need for expanding PM Timber’s range led to the relocation of the entire production line overseas. However, the new factory is still 100% owned and operated by us. No part of our manufacturing is outsourced for other products. We are pleased to uphold the principles we established when manufacturing in Australia. We continue to use 100% Australian species timber sourced locally within Australia and maintaining the high quality expected of our products. All our products are sourced from PEFC certified suppliers and are eco-friendly.

In 2010, PM Timber successfully launched Timbernate®, Diamond Life Veneers® (DLV) as an ecoSelect product with the benefits of being environmentally friendly and using reconstituted products. This new product upholds PM Timber’s principles of Australian products being manufactured to the highest standards and maintaining the environmental demands of today’s society.

In 2016, PM Timber expanded into the log exporting sector, whilst continuing to develop new ideas and concepts to enhance what we have been able to achieve so far. We will continue to use Australian ecoSelect timbers and reconstituted products for our future product endeavours. By further expanding our product range, we hope to be able to provide a wider range of products to target a broader range of customers. PM Timber will continue to strive ahead by primarily focusing in the direction of log exporting plus creating new and innovative products for the market place.



How to contact us

Postal Address: PO Box 928 Concord, NSW 2137
Email: sales@pmtimber.com.au